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Chris HeadshotThe Tech Gods is owned and operated by Christopher Perosi, who has been in the computer industry for over 17 years. He began his tenure in this business as a programmer, starting in mainframe programming in 1995 and moving to client-server programming two years later.

One of his more well-known accomplishments as a programmer was his involvement in AT&T’s Local Number Portability projects in the late 1990’s. Originally intended to allow phone company customers to take their phone number with them when they moved within the same geographic region, this technology also allows cell phone customers to take their number with them when they change providers today.

In the early 2000’s, Christopher moved out of the programming side of the business and began working on End-of-Life Asset Disposition. This field consists of the recycling and reuse of various computer equipment when it is no longer useful for businesses. Because time is money in business, technology is replaced every 2-3 years by large corporations to keep their employees operating at top speed. This creates a vast secondary market for computers and technology that is still quite useful to home users even if it is no longer the fastest or the best. These computers are refurbished and sold in bulk to big box retailers or online shopping sites. Originally hired by an End-of-Life firm as a Database Administrator, Christopher soon filled the void and acted as Director of Information Technology, overseeing a staff of 40 employees in the refurbishment process. He soon had a vast array of hands-on experience refurbishing and repairing all types of computer systems, including Department of Defense level data destruction, bulk installation of operating systems and drivers, testing and repairing defects, and performing cosmetic repairs.

In 2008, together with a business partner, Christopher embarked on the expansion of a successful computer consulting firm operating in New York and New Jersey. With his help, the firm expanded from two full-time employees to over fifteen in 3 different locations. This firm serviced businesses as well as residential customers, using the same business model as The Tech Gods.

After experiencing such success on the East Coast, and seeing the need here in the Antelope Valley, Christopher moved to Lancaster, CA in June of 2012 to repeat the process here on the West Coast. As a local Lancaster resident, he is active in the community and with the school system, and is the President of the Quartz Hill Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce.

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